The Idea

We believe that right now, it is important to increase the number of people in America who have spoken to and listened to someone with a different political outlook on the issues in our society.

Our goal is to catalyze 1000 such conversations in the Greater Nashua region.

We believe that one crucial way to overpower hate-filled and ad hominem political dynamics is by strengthening the alternative.

These kinds of conversations can improve people’s ability to listen, to understand their own values and those of others, and to build trust necessary to work on complex problems in society.

We know that civil conversation in itself will not lead automatically to bipartisan approaches or dynamics in our government. Still we believe that we can help make the ground more fertile for deep and thoughtful political debate, and for candidates in 2018 and 2020 for office at all levels who hold their own views and understand the values and principles of others.

Because we are in New Hampshire, we have a special power in our country, and we intend to use it.