How to Have a Conversation

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1. First of all, make sure you are ready for a conversation in which neither you nor the other person is hoping to persuade or convince. Instead, this is about curiosity and learning about another person, and your own willingness to share your story, values, and principles.

2. Find someone to talk with. How? Reach out to someone you know, or ask a leader in a congregation or organization to “fix you up”, or send us an e-mail and we will help make matches. We will also be holding some “meet-ups” and you can just show up for one of those.

3. Pick a comfortable place, whether it’s at a home or coffee place or restaurant or park. Set aside at least an hour.

4. Here are some questions you can ask each other. If you want to get more complicated, view our page of more resources and inspiration.

What experiences when you were younger had an influence on you politically? Or on your spirituality, your morality, how you view the world?

Who is a person who influenced your views on politics early on?

What is an issue you really care about, and how have you come to care about it?

What is the best thing you have read about a political issue? What did it teach you or how did it get you to think in some new way?

What is the best community you have ever lived in?

What is a hope you have for our community? For our country?

What is one thing you would like to know about my view that we haven’t talked about already?

5. If you are comfortable, share something about your conversation on social media! Use the hashtag #1000conversations. It could be a short statement about who you are and what topics you discussed, what you learned, a picture/selfie of the two of you.