Resources and Inspiration

Read our kickoff opinion piece from Nov. 12, 2017, in the Nashua Telegraph (click here if you subscribe, or here if you don’t)

Listen to Michael Reinke, Rabbi Jon Spira-Savett, and Michele Holt-Shannon talk about 1000 Conversations and New Hampshire Listens with Laura Knoy on New Hampshire Public Radio’s “The Exchange”, Nov. 21, 2017

Elizabeth Lesser TED Talk: “Take the ‘Other’ to Lunch”

Celeste Headlee TED Talk: “Ten Ways to Have a Better Conversation”

New Hampshire Listens

Ask Big Questions — Changing the World Through Better Conversation

“On Being” Civil Conversations Project — from Krista Tippett’s public radio program

New York Times, “The Run-Up” — Three recorded post-election conversations between people who voted differently for president in 2016

Discussion Guide from New Hampshire Listens — Dialogue Across Divides for Family and Friends based on resources and questions from our friends at the National Institute for Civil Discourse and Living Room Conversations.

Tip sheet from Living Room Conversations.

National Institute for Civil Discourse — Setting the Table for Civility

Make America Dinner Again